In this section you can find our transport terms and conditions.

Team Lines Bill of Lading Documents

TEAM LINES Bill of Lading Document  PDF

TEAM LINES Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions  PDF

Team Lines Sea Waybill Documents:

TEAM LINES Sea Waybill Document  PDF

TEAM LINES Sea Waybill Terms & Conditions  PDF


TEAM LINES Invoice Terms & Conditions

These Invoice Terms & Conditions (the "Conditions") apply to each and every invoice issued by Team Lines Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "Team Lines") to any person or entity whatsoever or howsoever named.

Any and all invoices issued by Team Lines are payable into the bank account mentioned on the invoice, by the due date as stated on the invoice (the "Due Date") and without any set-off, counter-claim, deduction or stay of execution.

In the absence of a timely payment as aforementioned, without prejudice to any rights and/or remedies which Team Lines may have and/or be entitled to pursuant to these Conditions, the Team Lines Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill (as the case may be) and/or any legislation which may apply, interest will ipso jure and without prior notice accrue on all outstanding amounts as from the Due Date at a rate of 10% per annum pro rata. In addition, a lump sum of 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 20,00 Euro shall be due, such amount representing damages for loss of use of money and collection expenses.

Any claim or dispute arising under this invoice, including third party proceedings or those involving several defendants, shall exclusively be governed by the German law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Hamburg, or at Team Lines' option, in case Team Lines is not the defendant, by the courts and according to the law of the place where the defendant has his registered office.

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