TEAM LINES Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has a proud history in shipping, and we continue to maintain and translate these traditions into the modern world.

Starting in the 19th century

TEAM LINES was founded on the 1st of October 1991 as an amalgamation of the Baltic and North Sea liner traffic activities of four Hamburg based shipping companies, namely

  • H.M. Gehrckens (founded 1863 in Hamburg)
  • Ernst Russ (founded 1893in Hamburg)
  • Johannes Ick (founded 1870 in Gdansk)
  • Mathies Reederei Schwedendienst GmbH (founded as "L.F. Mathies" 1849 in Hamburg)

These family owned companies operated in the 19th century and flew the Hamburg flag. Hamburg was flourishing at that time, as cargo was routed through the port to avoid Dutch ports due to the wars between France, Spain and the Netherlands.
All four companies expanded their activities beyond the Baltic Sea and North Sea region (e.g. to Africa), becoming more and more involved in handling transit cargo via North-European ports.

Black White Vessel

Showing our VALUES: Expertise and Partnership

Furthermore, they also participated in port developments and were involved as experts whenever authorities required specific analysis and/or advice. They even founded subsidiaries on other continents and participated in different types of co-operations. It is worth mentioning that they also took part in the technical development of ships : traditional sailing ships and steam ships, general cargo and modern container vessels.

The Formation of TEAM LINES

In 1991 the shareholders of H.M.Gerckens / Mathies / Russ / Ick decided to consolidate their liner service activities in the Baltic and North Sea as an answer to big changes in the traditional markets. They also aimed to strengthen their position to meet the demands of the big shipping companies and to cope with the steady growth of container traffic. The TEAM LINE brand was already well-established, but was taken to another level with the creation of TEAM LINES.

Vessel at Terminal

At the end of the first decade the shareholders of TEAM LINES gradually sold their shares to Finnlines Plc., and the company became part of a large Finnish stock-listed conglomerate.

DELPHIS NV - Passion for Shipping

In 2006, the Antwerp based and family owned company DELPHIS NV acquired TEAM LINES, bringing our company back into a traditional family-run group. Delphis, owned by the Belgian Saverys family, was also active in regional container shipping, both as an operator and a shipowner, and brought their expertise and passion for shipping into the company.
In the TEAM LINES flag the trident was replaced by the dolphin, now the trademark of the whole group. Today, TEAM LINES is one of Europe's leading feeder container operators, offering a wide geographical coverage. Our services connect more than 30 ports from the Iberian Peninsula up to the Baltic Sea and deploy high-quality modern feeder vessels, specially adapted to European trading, including trading in ice.

Expansion of Business

The DELPHIS group has continuously expanded the business and areas.

In 2009, Delphis Logistics was founded, covering our customers' door-to-door demands and delivering value added services, using our expertise, values and personal approach to satisfy our customers. A long standing experience in the transportation of all kinds of containers and door-to-door-transports ensures our clients the best possible service.
Also in 2009, Delphis acquired the container terminal activities of Norsteve Oslo and founded Sjursoya Container Terminal A/S (SCT) as the operating company. Strategically located on the Sjursoya peninsula in the heart of the port of Oslo, SCT is Norway's most modern container terminal and a gateway to the country's 4.8 million consumers.

The Future: Combining Expertise, Tradition with Innovation
Today, our presence stretches from our head office in Hamburg to Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, the Baltic countries, the UK, the Benelux, Spain and Portugal
We continue to develop our portfolio of services with a personal touch, flexibility and long-term customer partnerships, always driven by one motivation which is constant throughout our history: our passion for shipping.

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