Operating vessels within Europe requires considerable amount of expertise. The difference between Feeder and Main Liner business is the transit time. While a connection from Asia to Europe is measured in weeks, the time difference between two feeder port calls is sometimes less than a day.

For successful operation of a Feeder vessel, solutions have to be in place for:

  • Customs regulations in the different EU- and non-EU countries
  • Getting berthes on a short notice
  • Flexibility in case of last minute bookings, change of rotation..etc
  • EDI connectivity and contracts with ports and terminals

Team Lines expertise for you

Team Lines has been building its expertise in the last decades. Our competitive advantages are

  • Strong network with the major ports and terminals in Northern and Western Europe
  • Our customised IT system for maximum compatibility of data exchange with all Main Liners
  • Strong and personal connections with the related port contacts and customs authorities and
  • Flexible staff with profound business knowledge and expertise, able to deal with a lot of individual requests and exceptional situations which require immidiate solution

Our Value-Add Offer to Main Liners

We have good experience in operating third party vessels. Our system is able to get connected with yours and we act as a third party. We can operate your vessels:

  • With the same quality standards we expect from our own vessels
  • In a cost-efficient scale Main Liners can hardly achieve in a feeder environment
  • With the extensive network we have developed over the last decades
  • With the expertise and knowledge of our staff: Dedicated contact persons are always available to solve your problems
  • With absolute safety and confidentiality of your data

Full Scalability

Our services are provided on several different levels, ranging from

  • Customs handling and terminal declaration of your cargo for load/discharge in outports via our EDI and customs network to
  • Full operation of your vessel including booking, stowage, and terminal declaration.

Together we can develop a tailor-made solution for your business needs.

Business Partnership

We offer business partnership which brings you real added value and cost savings which is hard to achieve with an in-house solution alone.

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