Operating vessels within Europe requires considerable amount of expertise. The difference between Feeder and Main Liner business is the transit time. While a connection from Asia to Europe is measured in weeks, the time difference between two feeder port calls is sometimes less than a day.

For successful operation of a Feeder vessel, solutions have to be in place for:

  • Customs regulations in the different EU- and non-EU countries
  • Getting berthes on a short notice
  • Flexibility in case of last minute bookings, change of rotation..etc
  • EDI connectivity and contracts with ports and terminals

Team Lines expertise for you

Team Lines has been building its expertise in the last decades. Our competitive advantages are

  • Strong network with the major ports and terminals in Northern and Western Europe
  • Our customised IT system for maximum compatibility of data exchange with all Main Liners
  • Strong and personal connections with the related port contacts and customs authorities and
  • Flexible staff with profound business knowledge and expertise, able to deal with a lot of individual requests and exceptional situations which require immidiate solution

Our Value-Add Offer to Main Liners

We have good experience in operating third party vessels. Our system is able to get connected with yours and we act as a third party. We can operate your vessels:

  • With the same quality standards we expect from our own vessels
  • In a cost-efficient scale Main Liners can hardly achieve in a feeder environment
  • With the extensive network we have developed over the last decades
  • With the expertise and knowledge of our staff: Dedicated contact persons are always available to solve your problems
  • With absolute safety and confidentiality of your data

Full Scalability

Our services are provided on several different levels, ranging from

  • Customs handling and terminal declaration of your cargo for load/discharge in outports via our EDI and customs network to
  • Full operation of your vessel including booking, stowage, and terminal declaration.

Together we can develop a tailor-made solution for your business needs.

Business Partnership

We offer business partnership which brings you real added value and cost savings which is hard to achieve with an in-house solution alone.

EDI connection has become the lifeline of shipping business. It allows to operate vessels in a cost-efficient way as well as to significantly reduce errors. EDI connection with our customers, terminals, depots, and authorities is crucial for an excellent product.

EDI Services for All Demands and Systems

Team Lines utilizes various standard and customized B2B interfaces for processes like

  • Booking to invoice with our customers
  • EDI schedule exchange
  • Operative instructions for terminals, depots and vessels
  • Declarations to customs and other authorities
  • Status messages to and from all kind of above mentioned relations

Team Lines has many years of experience with EDI using EDIFACT standards, CSV and XML. We are highly flexible in customizing the product in accordance with our customers' specifications, which can be implemented within short period of time.

Inhouse Development – Quick, Customised, Flexible

We are able to provide customized EDI connections in short development time thanks to the fact that all our developments are fully in-house. Our EDI developers are close to business. We know our systems which allows us to develop and finetune messages in a short time-frame.

To move this a step further, we always thrive to create development partnerships. Having the final product in mind, the personal exchange between developers planned ahead in Agile thinking leads to quicker development time. We want to share this win-win experience with our customers.

Team Lines has been working with the customs authorities since years. We have always been among the first to implement new customs regulations. Our Customs Department has accumulated considerable knowledge and expertise with regards to Customs policies and procedures. Knowing the specifics of regulations is the prerequisite for safe and on-time delivery of your cargo. As a customer, you benefit from this expertise.

Simplified Customs Procedures for You

Team Lines is pleased to be able to offer its customers the benefits of simplified customs procedures:

  • Permission to issue T2L manifests in simplified procedure for many ports on request
  • Permission for electronic Data transfer according to Article 324e
  • Manual creation of BHT-/B-/Z numbers for local cargo on request

Part of the Customs Developments Community

Customs regulations undergo constant changes. In order to stay ahead of the curve and to bring forward the demand of our customers, Team Lines stays an active member of several work groups. You want to keep the transportation simple – we work on this simplicity every day.

Expanding Expertise

To ensure compliance with legal requirements, our employees are provided with continuous internal and external trainings.

Our trainings:
  • Regular Customs and IMDG training for all employees in Customer Service
  • External Customs and IMDG trainings
  • Regular participation in customs and foreign trade events

The philosophy of constant training promoted within the company gives us a competitive advantage to immidiately implement changes. This way we ensure our customers continue to feel safe when trusting us with their cargo.

Team Lines offers a range of Value Added Services to assist our customers in enhancing their business. The Value Added Services reduce our customers' costs, increase efficiency and ensure on-time delivery. The offered services are vital for success in the changing shipping market with increased expectations of performance.

Below you can see how Team Lines can contribute to your success.

Our Customs Services

Team Lines has been working with the Customs authorities since years. We constantly aim to be ahead of the curve in the implementation of new customs regulations.

Here you can find additional information on our Customs expertise and how you can benefit from it.

EDI Connectivity

EDI connections have become the lifeline of shipping business. In cost-driven markets EDI allows to operate vessels in a cost-efficient way as well as to significantly reduce errors. EDI connection with our customers, terminals, depots, and authorities is crucial for an excellent product.

Have a look how our EDI development experience drives this change.

Vessel Operation

Operating vessels within Europe requires considerable amount of expertise. We offer a wide range of services from customs handling and terminal operations to full vessel operation.

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